“Psychosis doesn’t fit neatly into only one chapter of the DSM-5. It should actually have a place in all chapters.” - Kelleher, et all 2016

The experience of psychosis is more common than we think. It is believed that 7-10% of the world population will have a psychotic experience at some point in their lifetime. Additionally, there are a variety of different conditions that can be associated with psychosis - not only schizophrenia spectrum disorders. This includes depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, and OCD.


Hallucinations - perceiving that sensations you see, ear, smell, or see exist outside your mind, when they do not.

  • Visual - seeing people, colors, shapes
  • Hearing - hearing voices or other sounds
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Taste


  • When a person has a fixed, entrenched belief that is not true
  • Persecutory delusion - believing that a person, people, or organization is out to get you
  • Grandiose delusions - believing you have more money, power, and authority than you actually have.

Disorganized Thinking/behaviors

  • Excessive speech
  • Disturbed speech that impacts you from communicating effectively. For instance, switching topic without giving context
  • Sudden loss of train of thought, resulting in complete stop of activity or conversation
  • Catatonia - Extreme reduction in movement or talking for extended periods of time.

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The Schizophrenia Spectrum
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The Schizophrenia Spectrum

Schizophrenia spectrum conditions can be very debilitating to a person, their family, and their community. They can effects how someone thinks, socializes, and perceives their world. If you have seen one person with schizophrenia, you have only seen one person with schizophrenia. One of the hallmark characteristics of schizophrenia spectrum conditions is psychosis. However, one of the most features of these conditions is the impact it can have on one’s social and cognitive functioning.
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