Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluations

All individuals will be provided a complete, comprehensive evaluation that looks into what factors are contributing to your current challenges. After this evaluation, we will work together and decide the next steps. Additionally, the process can involve connecting with your primary care physician, therapist, and your child's school (including attending IEP meetings) as needed.

Medication Options

An evaluation into whether you will benefit from combination treatment (medication + therapy) versus therapy alone can be conducted if requested. Ultimately, this assessment will be a personalized, measured, and collaborative process.

Integrative and Personalized Care

Each evaluation utilizes as integrative approach that focuses on areas such as diet, physical activity, and sleep patterns to maximize positive outcomes for you or your child.

Follow-up Visits

Each follow-up visit can involve therapy, family support, and/or medication treatment. These visits usually last 25-50 minutes but are variable and dependent on needs.

Autism Evaluations

If requested, a formal strengths-based autism evaluations can be provided. At this time, evaluations are provided for individuals who are of kindergarten-age up to adulthood. The evaluation includes the use of standardized assessment tools (, clinical observation, history gathering, and assessment of life skills.

Single Session Consultations

If you need to confirm or reassess a previous diagnosis to help clarify the direction of your current treatment and improve treatment quality, a second opinion consultation can be conducted.

Solution and Insight-Focused Therapy

My therapeutic approach is dedicated to you gaining understanding and creating solutions to your concerns. This involves integrating your life story, strengths, and interests in order to find the best avenues toward your idea of what positive change looks like.

Community Outreach

The best way to prevent future mental health challenges is through education. Consultation services provided include structured guidance, workshops, and providing talks revolving around child development, autism, and mental health care to your school, clinic, place of worship, or business.

Performance Coaching

We can work together in helping build strategies that maximize your ability to perform in multiple areas of your life - whether it be for a sport, in school, or within your career.

The Developmental Minds Process

Free 15-Minute Consultation

Getting to know your primary concerns.

Initial Evaluation

Getting to know your story, interests, and strengths.


Summarizing what I've learned from you and preparing for change.

Personalized Care

Updating and tailoring care for your current challenges and needs.

Offering In-Person and Virtual Visits

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